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Rotkeil Severum Cichlid is a peaceful freshwater fish, and their colorful body and pleasant temperature makes them a popular aquarium fish. The Rotkeil Severum is found in Amazon basin of Peru, they inhabit slowing-moving rivers with heavy riverine vegetation and a lot of submerged roots and branches.  You could always find interesting Live Fish, Aquarium Plants and Aquarium supplies  in Coburg Auqarium online store.

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Features of Rotkeil Severum Cichlid:

  • Brilliantly red coloration on the head and shoulder, small spots over the body as it matures
  • Juveniles present a uniformly greenish body color
  • Adult males can develop a nuchal hump
  • The average lifespan is 10 years 

Rotkeil Severum Cichlid: Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Rotkeil Severum Cichlid:

An adult Severum Cichlid may need a minimum tank size of 250L. If you want to keep a community of fish, you’ll need a bigger tank. Browse Aquarium Tank Selection here.

Tank Mate Compatibility:

Red Shoulder Severums are easy-going for a large cichlid. Their favorite tank mates includes:

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Rotkeil Severum Cichlid Fish Food:

They can be fed with Slow-sinking cichlid flakes or pellets. Live food and vegetable like peas or Romaine lettuce can help them to attain optimum healthCichlid Fish Food includes :


Rotkeil Severum Cichlid Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

They do fine with strong efficient filtration. It is better to use an external filter such as a hang-on-the-back type or a canister filter. Here are some great brands to consider:

Aquarium Heater

Maintaining proper temperatures is important for tropical fish, and this is especially true for cichlids. Install an aquarium heater if necessary. 

Aquatic Plants

Rotkeil severums live in heavily planted areas in the wild and prefer a tank with plenty of vegetation. They might eat soft plants, so you may be careful with prized plants. Check our Live Aquarium Plants here.


To mimic Rotkeil Severum Cichlid's nature inbaitate. Rocks, Tree Roots, Driftwood,  Pipe, and even clay pots are all good choices. Ornaments for your tank:


Sand is recommended for Severum CichlidsA variety of Substrates are available at Coburg Aquarium.

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Aquarium Set-up Service:

Our design team enables us to create the tank you desire, install your tank where you wish to and provide a maintenance service to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can create almost any aquarium from the small home aquarium to large commercial aquariums. Please contact us if you need any custom tank services.