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The Flying Fox Shark is hardy and are suited for intermediate aquarists due to their temperament. They are excellent algae eaters. These fish are not sharks, yet they have a triangular-shaped dorsal fin and a elongated body, giving it a distinctly shark-like appearance. The lower part of its body has a yellowish-white hue, and its dorsal region has a colouration ranging from olive to dark brown. A brownish-black stripe runs from its mouth to the caudal fin and on top of that is a gold-coloured stripe.

Originating from South East Asia in fast moving streams, it is best kept as a single specimen due to territorial aggression towards their own kind. Flying Fox Sharks grow up to 14cm and is suited for planted aquariums with lots of hiding places.

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Features of Flying Fox Sharks:

  • Grows up to 14cm.
  • Unique shark-like appearance with two barbels near their mouth 
  • Solitary species best kept as a single specimen.
  • Enjoys fast flowing water and currents.


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Flying Fox Sharks can settle into a community tank in the right environment with species that are resilient and active, and do not look similar. Shy and timid fish are not to be housed with Flying Fox Sharks as they may end up bullied to death. Care must be taken when selecting tank mates.



Flying Fox Sharks are omnivores eating a varied diet of protein rich foods and plant based foods. Their diet should focus heavily on algal-based flakes, wafers, and supplemented with fresh foods including cucumber, blanched zucchini, shelled peas, and spirulina. Regular feeding of high protein foods such as flake, granules, pellets, frozen foods, freeze dried, brine shrimp, and any type of worms will readily be accepted and enhance colour.

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The Best Aquarium Size for Flying Fox Sharks:


Flying Fox Sharks are active and energetic swimmers using the mid to bottom level of the aquarium and are best suited to a longer tank. An aquarium 3ft or larger is recommended. They are also well known jumpers, thus their aquarium should be well covered at all times.

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Aquarium Heater for Flying Fox Sharks:

Flying Fox Sharks originate in warmer waters of South East Asia and prefer water temperatures between 24  ⁰C - 28  ⁰C. 

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Aquarium Lighting for Flying Fox Sharks:

Flying Fox Sharks are low maintenance when it comes to lighting and have no particular requirements, however enjoy consuming algae promoted by good lighting. Provide 8 hours of lighting per day to replicate daylight hours. 

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Aquarium Filtration for Flying Fox Sharks:

Flying Fox Sharks are naturally found in moderate to fast flowing streams and currents and require good water quality and moderate to high flow. Ensure adequate filtration and flow in your aquarium.

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Aquarium Substrate for Flying Fox Sharks:

Smooth pebbles, gravels and sands are best for Flying Fox Sharks to forage through safely. A nutrient rich substrate for planted aquariums can be used to encourage healthy plant growth. 

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Aquarium Plants for Flying Fox Sharks:

Flying Fox Sharks prefer a heavily planted aquarium with spaces to hide in and clear space to actively swim. Broad leaf plants fixed onto wood and rock stop the fish from uprooting plants while foraging for food. While softer leaf plants are typically not harmed.

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Decorations for Flying Fox Sharks:

Flying Fox Sharks can be timid at times. Provide hiding locations to retreat to with driftwood and ornaments with space to hide. Be mindful they are active swimmers with large fins, avoid objects with sharp edges.

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