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Swordtail fish are a lovely and popular freshwater species in the aquarium community. Due to their beauty and low-maintenance nature, they are a great aquarium fish for beginners. Swordtail fish are easy to take care for, and have a calm attitude. The most important things that swordtail fish need are space and some plants for hiding. In Coburg Aquarium Online, we stock a wide range of Live Fish and Aquarium Products, Delivered to your door in Australia.

Features of Swordtail Fish:

  • The swordtail fish is found in North and Central America, including Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras
  • The swordtail fish gets its name from the male’s sword-like caudal fin
  • Swordtail fish are medium-sized, colorful fish with lateral stripes on their sides
  • The average swordtail fish lifespan is around three to five years

Swordtail Fish : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Sowrdtail Fish:

Swordtail Fish are medium-sized freshwater fish. The average swordtail fish size is around 14cm in length when fully grown. You could start with a minimum of 50L fish tank. These fish are fairly active, and the extra space will do them good. Larger tanks are always better for groups or if you’re planning on keeping a bunch of community fish together.

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Swordtail Fish Tank Mate Compatibility:

Swordtail fish get along with most like-minded species. They’re peaceful and passive. A small group of swordtails for socialization can do a lot of good! The recommended ratio is four females to a single male. Avoid aggressive or boisterous fish. Here are some excellent species worth considering for swordtail fish tank mates:

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Swordtail Fish Food :

Swordtail fish will accept flakes or pellets. To provide some plant-based cuisine, offer up algae wafers every once in a while. These fish also appreciate live, frozen, and freeze-dried foods as well. Brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, and all the usual high-protein snacks all work. In Coburg Aquarium online shop, we stock a variety high quality fish food for your choice.

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Swordtail Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Swordtail Fish requires good filtration, regular water changes, and proper pH levels to ensure healthy long-term success. Also, a filter that generates a moderate flow is ideal for swordtail fish Here are some great tank filters to consider: Fluval Filters Oase Filters Eheim Filters and Aqua One Filters

Plants for Swordtail Fish

You can use either live or artificial silk plants. Live plants will do more to enhance the underwater environment. You can use any plant that’s safe and provides adequate coverage. Just make sure to leave open space for swimming.

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Decorations for Swordtail Fish

The most important things that swordtail fish need are space and some plants for hiding. You can use larger rock caves or driftwood to create some additional forms of shelter. Ideal Fish Tank Ornaments includes:

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Swordtails require at least 12 hours of light during the day to remain active. Without light, the fish will lose their color and might stop eating, become ill or lethargic. Light is also important for the health of your aquatic plants. We have a wide range of Aquarium lights for sale in our aqarium online shop.


Swordtail fish would llike to have some soft sand as their tank substrate.

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