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The Green Tiger barb is a very popular freshwater fish and is a colour morph of the tiger barb. It features a green coloured body with shades of black and orange highlights on the fins. It is an easy fish to care for and can be fun to watch as it swims in schools of six or more. The tiger barb is native to Borneo and Malaysia, including Sarawak and Kalimantan. They inhabit quiet, tree-lined rivers and tributaries filled with sand, rocks, and thick vegetation and prefer clear, highly oxygenated water. An ideal aquarium fish for a community tank.

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Features of Green Tiger Barb's:

  • Short rounded body dark moss green in colour with black shaded patches and a forked tail
  • Females have deeper and rounder bodies than males
  • Occupy the mid water column
  • Hardy species that tolerate broad water conditions
  • Best kept in groups of 6 or more
  • Tiger Barbs have a lifespan of 5-7yrs
  • Grows up to 7cm

Green Tiger Barb : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Green Tiger Barbs:

Green Tiger barbs are very active fish and they need at least 50L tank to keep a small group of them. If keeping a large group, consider a larger aquarium. They are keen jumpers, so ensure a secure lid on your aquarium. 

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Avoid keeping Green tiger barbs in the same aquarium with docile, slow-moving, or long or flowing-finned fish, such as the angelfish, guppies or bettas. They can be mildy aggressive and display bullying behaviour if kept singularly or in too small of a school. They are best in a large group, and can be a number of different tiger barb varieties.

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Green Tiger Barb:

Green Tiger Barb Diet :

Green Tiger barbs are omnivores and are accepting of almost any food, tiger barbs should be given a variety of foods. Feed a quality pelleted or flake food, in addition to live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms. They will also consume vegetable matter. 

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Green Tiger Barb Tank Set-up

Aquarium Filtration for Moss Green Tiger Barbs

Green Tiger barbs prefer crystal clear and clean water. When selecting an aquarium filter consider the size of your aquarium and ensure adequate volume to maintain clean water. They are a hardy species and tolerate broad water parameters but do best in clean water. Sponge filters and hang on filters are suitable, cannister filters are a great option for medium to large aquariums.

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Aquarium Plants for Green Tiger Barb:

They are active swimmers and look great darting in and around live aquarium plants. Silk and plastic plants are also a great option to add life to your aquarium.

Great aquarium plants to consider include:
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Aquarium Lighting for Green Tiger Barbs

Green Tiger barbs are not fussy when it comes to lighting and do not have specific requirements. Aquarium lighting is necessary for the photosynthesis required for healthy aquarium plants. 

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Aquarium Substrate for Green Tiger Barbs

Green Tiger barbs occupy to middle water column and do not have substrate preferences. Aquarium gravel, sand and pebbles are all options. If planting live aquarium plants, aquarium soils can be used under a layer of gravel or sand for optimum plant fertilization and growth.

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Additional Information

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