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The Reptile One Turtle Nursery Kit is the perfect home for baby turtles. The turtle nursery kit includes a wire mesh lid, a fully submersible internal filter, a glass heater, UVB bulb, heat lamp reflector and a floating landing dock for your baby turtle to bask on

Features & Benefits:

Includes a fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.

The 50W glass nano preset heater makes it easy to maintain the correct temperature within the nursery. providing precise preset temperature.

Floating landing dock made of turtle-safe material for your baby turtle to bask on.

Secure wire mesh lid for added security.

Includes a ceramic heat lamp reflector designed to direct heat produced by the 13W UVB compact lamp.

13W UVB output will stimulate activity and appetite in your baby turtle, metabolising calcium for healthy bone growth while in captivity.

Specifications: 60cm W x 30cm D x 37cm H

Suitable For: Baby Turtles

Please Note:Plants, Substrate and Ornaments not included.

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