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The White Fin Rosy Tetra is a stunning freshwater fish that captures the hearts of aquarium enthusiasts with its elegant appearance and peaceful demeanor. With its vibrant reddish-pink body and striking white finnage, this species adds a touch of grace and beauty to any aquatic display. The White Fin Rosy Tetra's eye-catching colors and peaceful nature make it a popular choice for both beginner and experienced fishkeepers.

Features Of White Fin Rosy Tetra

  • Rosy Tetras have a semi-transparent silver body with a pinkish tinge, and a white edge on finnages
  • Originating from the rivers and streams of South America, primarily inhabits sluggish, heavily vegetated tributaries
  • Average Lifespan : 3-6 yrs

White Fin Rosy Tetra : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for White Fin Rosy Tetra:

Provide a spacious aquarium that is at least 75L in capacity to accommodate a small group of White Fin Rosy Tetras. This will allow ample swimming space and minimize territorial disputes.

White Fin Rosy Tetra Tank Mate Compatibility:

The White Fin Rosy Tetra is a peaceful and sociable fish, making it an excellent choice for community aquariums. It thrives when kept in a small group of at least six individuals. Compatible tankmates include other peaceful tetras, rasboras, gouramis, or peaceful bottom-dwelling species like Corydoras catfish. Avoid housing them with aggressive or fin-nipping species.

Diet & Feeding:

The White Fin Rosy Tetra is an omnivorous species with a preference for small invertebrates and insects in the wild. In captivity, provide a varied diet that includes high-quality flake or pellet foods formulated for tropical fish. Supplement their diet with small live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, or bloodworms to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

White Fin Rosy Tetra Tank Setup

  • Substrate: Choose a fine gravel or sand substrate to mimic their natural habitat.
  • Aquarium Ornaments: Create a visually appealing and stimulating environment for your White Fin Rosy Tetra by incorporating live plants, driftwood, and rocks. These elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium but also provide hiding places and territories for the fish. Ensure that plants and decor do not have sharp edges that may damage their delicate fins.
  • Lighting: Lit with a dim, perhaps red or blue light tube this kind of set-up can look very effective.
  • Filtration and Water Quality: Utilize an efficient filtration system to ensure proper water circulation and remove waste. Regular water changes to maintain good water quality and prevent the accumulation of harmful substances.
  • Heater: Install a heater if the winter in your state is too cold.

Additional Information

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