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Dovii Cichlid (Parachromis dovii), also known as the Wolf Cichlid, is a Central American Cichlid that can be found in various lakes and rivers. Due to its unique colorful appearance, Dovii Wolf Cichlid one of the most popular Freshwater Fish kept by a good number of people. They are true predators and are a fascinating species of cichlid. Dovii Wolf Cichlid is very intelligent and has so much personality that its territory usually extends beyond the tank.

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Features of Wolf Cichlid:

  • Dovii Cichlids are colorful. The male cichlids have a golden yellow color pattern mixed with a silver background tinted with several specks of purple, black, and blue. While the female cichlids are often yellow in color.
  • They are very aggressive, intelligent, and can do a lot of damage to other fish
  • These are big fish and pefer NO TANK MATES.


The Best Aquarium Size for Cichlid:

To successfully and suitably keep the Dovii Cichlid, you need a massive tank. The dovii is a large cichlid that is ferocious and highly territorial, and so it needs a good amount of unrestricted swimming area, especially if their care is long-term. 

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Feeding :

A quality cichlid pellet, cichlid flakes  should be the foundation of their diet. The Wolf Cichlid or Dovii Cichlid is a carnivore, live shrimp, or frozen cichlid food, brine shrimp and other meaty foods are good for them to get enough nutritions.

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Wolf Cichlid Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Dovii Cichlids need good water movement along with strong and efficient filtration and regular water changes. Filtration system are preferable. 


These tropical fish will need warmer water, so a heater is prefered. A thermometer is also recommended to ensure the temperature is correct. 


Artificial lighting is recommended, cichlids may like a system that dims or can be customized to match their native habitat.

Plants for Cichlid

Live plants are a great idea. You should choose only hardy plants because cichlids have a habit of digging and disturbing foliage.

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Decorations for Cichlid

Big Wood, tunnels, large rocks, caves, and hollow decorations are good choices. And don’t forget the driftwood, They love driftwood. The more elaborate your setup, the better!

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Sandy, rocky substrate

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :


Aquarium Set-up Service:

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