BLUE EYE - HONEY (P.mellis)

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BLUE EYE - HONEY (P.mellis)

Keeping Snapshot

Difficulty: Intermediate
Max Growth Size: 3.5 cm
Temperament: Peaceful, keep with small species.


Preferred Water Parameters

Temperature: 15-27 degrees celsius
pH Level: 6.0-7.4
General Hardness: Soft-Moderate



South-eastern Queensland, mainly found in Tin Can Bay - Sunshine Coast area and on Fraser Island.



Large eggs scattered amongst plants, hatching time approximately 3 weeks. Suitable first foods for the fry include powder foods, vinegar eels and Artemia nauplii.



Omnivorous. Feed small sized foods, including frozen & live foods.


Additional Comments

When kept in a school, Blue-eye males put on elaborate fin displays to impress females and to outshine rival males. Best kept in planted aquaria, either in a single species tank or with other small fishes.Suitable for nano tanks, also useful for mosquito control in frog ponds in the sub-tropics. Males show their full breeding colour only after they are fully settled.Fully protected in Queensland, (please note NOT available for sale in Queensland).



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