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Danios | Freshwater Fish


Danios are hardy, active freshwater aquarium fish. They do best in a shcool of 6 or more. Danios are generally peaceful, but can become nippy if not kept in a large-enough school. Danios are one of the most entertaining freshwater fish for aquariums. They can do well in cooler water, making them suitable for unheated tanks as long as the room is fairly warm. Suit for beginning aquarist. A vareity of Live Tropical Freshwater Danio and Aquarium Products are avaliable in Coburg Aquariuam. Popular varieties include the zebra danio, gold zebra danio, leopard danio, and pearl danio

Coburg Aquarium

Zebra Danio - Longfin Special (6 for ...

Coburg Aquarium

Zebra Danio - Longfin

Coburg Aquarium

Giant Danio - Special 6 for $30

Coburg Aquarium

Giant Danio

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