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The Marple Leaf Dish is a beautiful and versatile ornament that can add a touch of nature to any aquarium or fish tank. Its leaf-shaped design makes it a perfect fit for a variety of aquatic themes, and its durable poly-resin construction ensures that it will hold up well in a water environment.


Key Features of Maple Leaf DIsh:

  • Leaf-shaped design
  • Durable poly-resin construction
  • Provides hiding place for fish
  • Can serve as a surface for algae growth


Benefits of Maple Leaf Dish in your Aquarium:

  • Proide a hiding plae for fish, giving them a sense of security and privacy
  • A flat surface for fish to lay eggs
  • A surface for algae to grow on, which can be a valuable food source for certain species of fish



19cm * 15cm * 6cm

The Marple Leaf Plate is a great addition to any aquarium or fish tank, adding both visual interest and practical benefits. Whether you are looking to create an underwater paradise or simply want to add a touch of nature to your aquarium, this ornament is sure to provide long-lasting enjoyment.

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