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African cichlids are omnivorous and enjoy being fed a variety of foods including flakes and Aqua Natural freeze-dried foods brine shrimp, krill, bloodworms, tubifex and mysis. It is important to provide a varied diet for your cichlids to ensure they are getting all the necessary nutrients for good health. Feeding a combination of different foods and rotating their diet can help ensure they receive a well-rounded, nutritious meal.

Salmon is recognized as the most superior source of aquatic fish protein in fish food. Given it’s high Omega 3 levels and other benefits it is the protein of choice for the worlds best brands of fish food.

Due to strict Bio-Security laws in Australia importing fish food made with over 2% Salmon is not possible. Being Australian made we can offer food made with whole Tasmanian Salmon.

Because of this and other high-quality ingredients our fish food flake is superior to anything on the market.

Our foods are not subject to gamma irradiation or other treatments required to be carried out on imported fish foods.

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