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This fast growing native Australian species of catfish is very hardy and easy to care for, sure to be on the list of must have's for monster fish keeping. Smaller specimens have a colour pattern reminiscent of a great white shark (and an appetite to match!). Also known as the Boofhead Catfish, they grow up to 60cm.

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Features of Triangular Shield Catfish:

  • Long classic cylindrical catfish body with a forked tail and shark-like fin
  • Silver with a pale under belly
  • Barbels at the mouth with a large black eye
  • Bottom dweller 
  • Grows up to 60cm
  • Level of care: Intermediate


The Best Aquarium Size for Triangular Shield Catfish:

Triangular Shield Catfish grow large. Recommended aquarium size is a minimum of 500 litres or more for this large growing catfish.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Triangular Shield Catfish are opportunistic feeders and will eat most things that fit in their mouth. They can be kept with other large peaceful species.

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Triangular Shield Catfish are carnivores and prefer bulky high protein foods. They will readily eat pellets, live, frozen and freeze dried foods. They are not fuzzy eaters. 

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Triangular Shield Catfish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration for Triangular Shield Catfish

A good filtration system is necessary as they can be heavy waste producers due to their voracious appetite and size. Ensure your filter has an adequate flow rate to effectively remove waste from the aquarium. Cannister filters are you best option for large aquariums.

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Aquarium Heater for Triangular Shield Catfish

This fish enjoy temperatures between 24 - 28° C. If you are unable to maintain this temperature naturally, use an aquarium heater. Aquarium heaters also stabilize water temperatures.  A thermometer is recommended to monitor the water temperature.

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Aquarium Decorations for Triangular Shield Catfish

Triangular Shield Catfish are very large fish and are active swimmers. It is best to keep the aquarium open with lots of swimming space. 

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Aquarium Lighting for Triangular Shield Catfish

Triangular Shield Catfish do not have specific lighting requirements but do well in a more dimly lit aquarium as they can be startled easily.

Substrate for Triangular Shield Catfish

Aquarium sand or fine smooth gravels are a good substrate to mimic their natural environment. They can be seen searching for through in the substrate.

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