Pygmy Cories are a miniature, peaceful species of Corydora. They grow to about 2.5-3cm and like well planted tanks, and lots of places to hide. Pygmy Cories prefer a softer pH, but can tolerate a wide range from 6.6 to 7.6. They're a tropical species and do well in 22–26°c. They do best with a sand or fine, but not sharp, substrate.

They do best in a group of 4+ as they are a naturally shy fish, so having a school is important for their well being. You'll need a group for them to be able to display their natural behaviours. They tend to swim in mid to low levels of the tank, and will spend their time foraging and playing together.

Keep them with peaceful tank mates that can't fit them in their mouth. They are usually shrimp safe, but may eat shrimplets.