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Also known as the Crimson Spotted Rainbow Fish, it is native to Australia and is an active swimmer. It was the first Australian fish to be kept by overseas fish hobbyists and is still popular today. This species tolerates cooler temperatures than most Rainbows, and is useful for mosquito control in garden ponds where water temperatures are usually at least 15C. Hardy and easy to care for. They prefer spacious planted aquariums. Males have red stripes along their body with red spots on their dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.  The females will have clear fins. 


Features of the Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish:

  • Tolerates broad water parameters & cool waters.
  • Peaceful community fish.
  • Hardy and suited for ponds as well as aquariums
  • Males are larger & more vibrant.


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish are peaceful community fish that prefer to swim in groups of 6 or more. It is best to keep multiple females per male. They can also be kept with other peaceful community fish.

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Crimson Spot Rainbowfish.



Crimson Spot Rainbowfish are omnivores and will eat flake, small pellets, live, fresh, frozen, and freeze-dried. For optimal health, provide a variety of foods. Crimson Spot Rainbow fish have small throats, ensure food particles are not too large.


Rainbowfish Tank Set-up:


Crimson Spot Rainbowfish are best suited to a longer aquarium as they are active and energetic swimmers. An aquarium 3ft or larger is recommended. They are also well known jumpers, thus their aquarium should be well covered. 

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Crimson Spot Rainbowfish tolerate wide yet stable temperature parameters and tolerate cooler waters. Recommended temperature range is 15  ⁰C - 28  ⁰C. 

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Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish are found in shaded rivers, creeks and streams located in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland, Australia. They are happiest in a dimly lit environment. We recommend LED aquarium lighting with adjustable brightness to ensure the light level can be altered for happy fish. 

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Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish will tolerate wide parameters however enjoy good water quality and flow. Ensure adequate filtration and flow in your aquarium.

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Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish prefer dark substrates that mimic their natural habitat. 

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Plants for Rainbowfish:

Crimson Spotted Rainbowfish enjoy spacious planted aquariums with medium to large plants, including floating plants. Plant out the background with tall growing plants, leaving the foreground an open space for swimming. If keeping in ponds, ensure some floating plants are kept for protection from predators.

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Decorations for Rainbowfish:

Rock & wood can be placed in the aquarium to mimic natural habitats and provide hiding locations to retreat to. 

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