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Mollies are one of the most popular freshwater species in the aquarium trade and are perfect aquarium fish for beginners. Peaceful by nature, the molly is great for freshwater community tanks. They’re easy to care for and can adapt well to most standard tank setups. 

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Features of Mini Molly Fish :

  • They can live in full fresh, brackish, and saltwater which just shows how hardy they are.
  • They are a peaceful bunch most of the time but can show signs of aggression when crowded or surrounded by aggressive tank mates. 
  • Keep them in groups of at least four or more, they naturally stick together. The group should be made of mostly females since males are known to harass them. 

Mini Molly Fish : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Mini Molly Fish:

The Mini molly can be kept in a small aquarium with the minimum of 30 Liters. That tank size recommendation is suitable enough for up to four mollies. A larger tank is always appreciated to provide mollies some extra space.

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Mini Molly Tank Mate Compatibility:

The Mini Molly is a very peaceful aquarium fish that can get along with a wide range of tank mates. They are great with a wide range of community aquarium fish however slower moving fish should be avoided as mollies may outcompete them. Great tank mates for Mini Molly include:

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Mini Molly Food :

The Mini Molly is very easy to feed. They accept floating nano pellets or flakes due to its top dwelling behaviour. Live, Frozen food like Bloodworms, shrimp, and dried black worms can provide mollies with good protein and that will ensure optimal health. In Coburg Aquarium online, we stock a variety high quality fish food for your choice.

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Mini Molly Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

One thing you will need is a strong filtration system since mollies are big waste producers. A small group can easily raise ammonia and nitrate levels to unhealthy levels. Choose a powerful filter that can hold a lot of biomedia. Additional internal or external sponge filters are great, too.

Here are some great ones to consider:

Plants for Mini Molly Fish

They will enjoy plants in the aquarium with great options being ferns, Anubias, Pogostemon, and Vallisneria as these are large and denser growing plants and allow for great natural breeding grounds and placed for fry to grow.

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Decorations for Mini Molly Fish

Mini Mollies do very well with natural decor that mimics the tropical rivers they inhabit in the wild. This means adding plenty of places to seek shelter, such as Cove, Pipe, and Driftwoods.

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Standard lighting system is fine. Mollies aren’t picky about lighting levels, but you do need lights to keep the plants healthy.


A sand or gravel substrate would be fine for these fish. However, because mollies like alkaline or high ph environments a crushed coral or aragonite sand would be optimal.

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :

Aquarium Set-up Service:

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