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Variable native Purple Spotted Gudgeon, with many subtle geographic colour variations. It is hardy and easy to care for. Sometimes nip fins of tankmates, best kept in a good sized tank with similar sized or larger fish. An expert jumper, use a tight fitting lid.

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Features of Purple Spot Gudgeon:

  • Cylinder shaped body with a rounded head and small mouth
  • Brown to purple spots and bars along the body  
  • A blue wash along the body which brightens during breeding season
  • Grows up to 20cm
  • Egg layers
  • Care level: Beginner


The Best Aquarium Size Purple Spotted Gudgeon:

Purple Spotted Gudgeon can be kept in aquariums 100L or larger. They are good jumpers, a tight fitted lid is advised. Can be kept in outdoor ponds in warmer climates.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Purple Spotted Gudgeon are a relatively peaceful fish although can become territorial during breeding. Purple Spotted Gudgeon can be kept as a single species, or in a community aquarium or pond with larger species. Avoid keeping with small species or crustaceans that are smaller than their mouth.

Great tank mates for your Purple Spotted Gudgeon include:

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Purple Spotted Gudgeon's are predatory carnivores and are easy to feed. They readily accept small sinking pellets as the primary diet. Naturally they have a high protein diet eating insect larvae. For healthy Purple Spotted Gudgeon, ensure to feed a varied diet that includes live, frozen and freeze dried blackworms, bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia.

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Purple Spotted Gudgeon Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon enjoy clean and well filtered water with gentle flow. They are naturally found in slow moving streams. Select an aquarium filter with gentle filtration. Some quality aquarium filter brands to consider inlcude Eheim, Fluval, Oase, Ocean Free, Aqua One.

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Aquarium Plants for Purple Spotted Gudgeon

The Purple Spotted Gudgeon is a shy species and will benefit from aquatic plants for protection and places to shelter. Select live aquatic plants that will tolerate cold water.

Some aquarium plants to consider include:

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Aquarium Decorations

Driftwood & rock is the ideal aquarium ornament as Purple Spotted Gudgeon love to swim about and hide behind structure. During breeding season, ensuring plenty of hiding space will reduce territorial tendencies. Resin aquarium ornaments can also be used to add character to your aquarium and enhance it's design. 

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Aquarium Lighting

Purple Spotted Gudgeon enjoy a shaded, more dimly lit aquarium. If keeping live aquatic plants, consider lighting requirements for ideal plant growth. Replicate daylight hours of 8-10 hours per day. Plants will create needed shade for your fish.

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Aquarium Substrate

Aquarium sand and smooth surfaced fine to medium grade gravel are great aquarium substrates for Purple Spotted Gudgeon. If keeping live aquarium plants, a combination of aquasoil and sand or gravel on top can provide an attractive and practical solution for optimal plant growth.

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