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** WARNING** This will darkened water like Tannin Plus

LCA Shrimp Vitality is an advanced concentrated mix of Humic and Fulvic Acid that helps to create ideal conditions in shrimp tanks.

It chelates minerals to assist in their absorption by shrimp and detoxifies heavy metals, increasing survival rates and improving moulting.

LCA Shrimp Vitality can also improve breeding rates, aids in colouration and helps provide an environment similar to their natural habitats.

This product is also ideal for anyone keeping Apistogramma spp or Bettas.


INSTRUCTION: Dosage rate for 100L Tank
Use 2 pumps (4ml) per 100L, 3x per week with 30% weekly water change.
For newly set up aquariums using ADA Amazonia or other humic-rich substances, use only 1 pump (2ml) per 100L, 3x per week
with 30% weekly water change for the first 3 months.

​*note 30% water change is a suggestion only. The amount you change may vary depending on many factors such as fertilisers and other additives being used
WARNING : 2 pumps per 100L is the maximum dosage. DO NOT OVERDOSE

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