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Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco), has stunning stripes on the body and fins. Primarily a nocturnal species, this fish enjoys lots of driftwood and places to hide in the aquarium. A suitable fish for the beginner to intermediate aquarist.

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Features of Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco):

  • Alternating dark and light stripes on the body & fins somewhat like a tiger
  • The eyes are large and bulbous and giving the fish a unique look
  • Grows to 10cm


The Best Aquarium Size:

Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco) can do well in a tank of 75L or larger. However, it depends on the size of your pleco. Also, if you want to set up a community tank, you have to increase the tank size. 

Suitable aquariums to consider include:

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco) can be kept in community tanks but are territorial towards their own species. They are peaceful towards other peaceful smaller species. If keeping multiple together, ensure plenty of space and provide caves and territories for each to claim. Avoid other larger or more active bottom-dwellers, because of the passive nature of the Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco), it’s often out-competed for food.

Here are some great tank mates:


Panaqolus L002 (Tiger Pleco) is omnivorous. They love to feed on meaty high protein snacks and algae in the aquarium. Feed them algae wafers, flakes and sinking pellets. They also accept treats like live or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and insect larvae. Vegetables such as zucchini can be fed once a week.

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Pleco Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Water quality is vital. This fish produces a large amount of waste, so an excellent filter is essential. Cannister filters are a great option for medium to large aquariums. Ensure your filter has an adequate flow rate for your aquarium size. 

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Aquarium Heater

This pleco enjoys temperatures between 25 - 28° C. To manage stable water temperatures, we recommend installing a reliable aquarium heater and always monitor with an additional thermometer.

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Aquarium Plants

There are no strict cultivars that these fish prefer. This species is known to nibble and destroy live plants. Soft leaf live plants such as elodea or ambulia can be provided as a foraging opportunity.

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Aquarium Decorations

These cave-dwellers will appreciate a replication of their natural habitat, and that means you have the option of adding rock structures, pleco caves, and driftwood. Creating caves enables your fish to feel safe and claim territory. This species requires wood in their diet to aid digestion, so adding driftwood to your aquarium is essential.

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Aquarium Lighting

These fish enjoy lower light levels with lots of shade and dark spaces to hide. If keeping live plants, they will need sufficient light to grow.

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Aquarium Substrate

Aquarium sand is ideal for plecos as they are bottom dwellers and will forage through substrate for food. If you prefer to use gravel, use a smooth and rounded gravel to protect their bodies.

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