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Tandanus Catfish are a hardy native catfish, suitable for both unheated and heated tanks. For anyone considering keeping our native catfish, please take note that all Australian catfishes must be handled with care as the dorsal fin and pectoral fin spines are capable of inflicting a painful wound. Tandanus Catfish can grow up to 80cm, a species for the monster fish keeping list!

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Features of Tandanus Catfish:

  • Long slender eel-like body and tail
  • Mottle olive green to brown body that lightens as the fish matures
  • Barbels at the mouth and large eye
  • Scaleless
  • Grows up to 80cm
  • Level of care: Easy


The Best Aquarium Size for Tandanus Catfish:

Tandanus Catfish grow very large. Recommended aquarium size is 500 litres or more. 

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Tandanus Catfish grow very large and will eat most species that fit in its mouth. They do best as a single species aquarium, or kept with other large native species. 

Here are some great tank mates to consider:



Tandanus Catfish are big eaters and will eat a lot of different foods. They will eat brine shrimp, bloodworms, live worms, beefheart and live foods such as shrimp, yabbies and fish. They will also eat flake, crumble and other dry foods. 

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Tandanus Catfish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration for Tandanus Catfish

A good filtration system is necessary as they are heavy waste producers. Ensure your filter has an adequate flow rate to effectively remove waste from the aquarium and provide surface agitation. Cannister filters with a high capacity are your best option for larger aquariums. 

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Aquarium Heater for Tandanus Catfish

This fish enjoy temperatures between 15 - 26° C. If you are unable to maintain this temperature naturally, use an aquarium heater. Aquarium heaters also stabilize water temperatures.  A thermometer is recommended to monitor the water temperature.

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Aquarium Decorations for Tandanus Catfish

Tandanus Catfish are active swimmers. Ensure plenty of swimming space and room to grow. Driftwood and smooth rock can be used to ensure limited ability to hurt themselves.

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Aquarium Lighting Tandanus Catfish

Tandanus Catfish prefer a more dimly lit aquarium. LED lighting is an excellent choice to provide adjustable lighting as desired. LED lighting is also more efficient and runs cooler than traditional aquarium lights.

Substrate for Tandanus Catfish

Aquarium sand or smooth gravels are a good substrate to mimic their natural environment. They can be seen searching for through in the substrate.

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