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The Tropheus “Red Firecracker” is an outstanding & vibrant African Cichlid from lake Tanganyika. All Tropheus will do best when kept in groups or colonies as they are not a solitaire fish. Their highly aggressive conspecific behavior and their tendency to catch “bloat” make them a real challenge. Since they are highly aggressive to conspecifics, so it is advisable to keep groups of at least a dozen or more in order to spread out aggression. Their wide variety of available colors and their enthusiasm at feeding time makes them a favorite, despite their challenges. Coburg Aquarium's Live Cichlid Fish and Aquarium Products shipped Australia Wide.


Features of Tropheus:

  • Maximum length is around 14.5cm
  • The fish do not school in nature, and will usually fight amongst themselves in the aquarium


Tropheus : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Tropheus:

The Tropheus Cichlid should be maintained in an aquarium of at least 200L, in a large number of the same species, or with other smaller semi-aggressive Tanganyikan or Malawian cichlids. Minimum of 110L for a single fish. Tank size can vary greatly depending on how big or small the fish is and how many you plan to stock in the tank. The bigger tank is better for the health of your fish.

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Tropheus Tank Mate Compatibility:

It has a somewhat dubious reputation for aggressive behaviour but this is undeserved. In fact, it is relatively peaceful towards other species but will squabble with conspecifics. The fish are very active however and should not be kept with shy species. Some compatible tank mates that you can add along:

  • Julidochromis
  • Eretmodus
  • Tanganicodus

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Cichlid Tropheus Food :

Their diet should be high in vegetable matter. Supplement their diet with a quality spirulina based flake or pellet food. They have a long intestinal tract and should not be over fed, as overfeeding may contribute to bloat. Feed 3 times a day with small pinches of food instead of a large quantity once a day. This will keep the water quality higher over a longer time.

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Electric Yellow Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

To keep the water movement in the tank moderate enough, you should also make sure to include a good filtration system to keep the water clean. And for doing so, you can equip with very strong and efficient filtration. Make sure the filter matches with your tank size. 

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Plants in Cichild Fish Tank

Aquatic Plants are beneficial in helping to maintain good water quality and adding enrichment to a fish’s diet. Prefers some dense planting with some floating plants and open swimming areas.

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Aquarium Decorations

Many aquarists keep Tropheus in bare setups to reduce territorial behaviour but they can also be maintained in decorated aquaria. If you wish to decorate the tank, use piles of rock work to form many cave-like structures and hiding places, interspersed with open areas for swimming. Ideal Ornaments for your tank:

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Normal lighting is okay, but stronger lighting will help with algae growth. Click the link here and choose the right light for your tank.


Use sand as substrate, and ensure the water is well-oxygenated. To maintain alkalinity in the water, you can add crushed corals to the substrate.

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :

Aquarium Set-up Service:

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