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*This fish is a marine species*

The Red Stripe Angelfish is suited for the intermediate aquarist. The Red Stripe Angelfish is also known as the Eibl's Angelfish, Eibl's Pygmy Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, Blacktail Angelfish, and Eibl's Dwarf Angel. They are beautiful looking fish that love to hide within rocky cervices.

The Red Stripe Angelfish is native to the East and West Indian Ocean, Australia and Indonesia.


Features of Red Stripe Angelfish

  • It has a pearlescent body with vertical orange to red stripes, a black caudal fin and a beautiful sapphire blue stripe outlines the caudal fin.
  • Grows up to 16cm
  • Care level: Moderate
  • Hermaphroditic


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Bicolour Angelfish:

  • Lionfish
  • Tangs (Sohal, blue, yellow and brown)

Like all angelfish it is recommended not to have two of the same size and colouring. These fish thrive best with larger fish as they can be semi-aggressive. Keeping soft corals with this fish can be challenging so SPS corals are recommended. This species can nibble at clams and LPS coral.



Red Striped Angelfish are omnivores and their diet should include spirulina, marine algae, frozen shrimp and other meaty items. They also graze on live rock during feedings. Feeding a varied diet will assist in stress tolerance in new introduction situations.




Red Striped Angelfish are best suited to long tanks over 300L. They swim within the middle of the tank and like to hide within rocks therefore it is recommended to provide large amounts of live rock for grazing and hiding.

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Red Striped Angelfish prefer water temperatures between 22°C - 27°C.

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Replicate natural conditions with artificial lighting (8-10 hours of light every 24 hours.)

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Filtration & Water Movement:

Red Striped Angelfish require good water movement and quality. Maintaining this to a high standard will keep the fish happy and reduce stress.

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Fine to medium grade aragonite or coral sand should be incorporated into the tank as angelfish like to forage along the bottom of the tank for food.

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Decorations for Red Stiped Angelfish:

This species requires lots of rocky crevices to retreat to. Providing live rock will assist with this. Corals can be kept with this species but soft corals are not recommended.

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