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The  Orange Tail Blue Damselfish are suited for the beginner aquarist due to their hardy nature. They are colourful and highly active. When threatened it has the ability to darken its colouration to better hide under a rock crevice, once the perceived threat is gone it returns to it's vibrant blue. It is a semi-aggressive Damselfish that can be kept in a community reef aquarium with the right tank mates.

This species is native to reefs within the Indo-Pacific Region. 


Features of Orange Tail Blue Damselfish:

  • Females are all blue
  • Males are blue with orange tails
  • Grows up to 7cm
  • Care level: Beginner
  • Semi - Aggressive
  • Reef compatible


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Orange Tail Blue Damselfish:

  • Tangs
  • Triggerfish.
  • Angelfish
  • Hawkfish
  • Dottybacks

Due to semi-aggressive nature, tank mates need to be able to defend themselves. Do not keep with shy peaceful species. They can be competitive for food. House with invertebrates with caution.



Orange Tail Blue Damselfish are omnivores and their diet should consist of a variety of foods such as brine shrimp, freeze dried & frozen foods, dry flakes and pellets. Provide plant based foods in the form of spirulina & flakes.




Orange Tail Blue Damselfish require a minimum tank size of approximately 115L. 

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Orange Tail Blue Damselfish prefer water temperatures between 22°C - 27°C.

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Replicate natural conditions with artificial lighting (8-10 hours of light every 24 hours.) 

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Filtration & Water Movement:

Orange Tail Blue Damselfish require good filtration and water quality. They are a hardy species and will tolerate a range of water parameters. They are not picky about water flow.

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This species does not have a preference of substrate. You can select a substrate based on your personal preferences such are aragonite, coral sand in a variety of grades and coral rubble.

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Decorations for Orange Tail Blue Damselfish:

Provide lots of live rock, structure and rocky overhangs for plenty of territory to hide in, this will assist in reducing territorial aggression.

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