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*This fish is a marine species*

The Fox Face Fish are suited for the intermediate aquarist. They are a peaceful species sure to be the centerpiece of your aquarium. They have small mouths resembling the mouth of a hare with dark and large eyes. It has an elongated snout, somewhat like a fox hence the name. It is an algae eater that will help keep your aquarium algae free. 

This species is native to reefs within the Indo-Pacific Region. 


Features of Fox Face Fish:

  • Caution: Snout contains venomous spines
  • Grows up to 20cm
  • Care level: Intermediate
  • Peaceful with selected tank mates
  • Reef compatible. (Caution with soft corals)


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Fox Face Fish:

  • Gobies
  • Clownfish
  • Angelfish
  • Clams, shrimp, snails & crabs



Fox Face Fish are omnivores, but primarily herbivores therefore their diet should consist of a variety of plant based foods such as flakes & pellets. They will accept live foods, freeze dried & frozen foods. Supply plenty of live rock for algae to grow on. If hungry Fox Face Fish will nip at soft corals. 




Fox Face Fish are a larger species that require a minimum tank size of approximately 280L with plenty of open swimming space.

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Fox Face Fish prefer water temperatures between 25°C - 28°C.

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Replicate natural conditions with artificial lighting (8-10 hours of light every 24 hours.) 

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Filtration & Water Movement:

Fox Face Fish require good filtration and water quality but do not enjoy strong water flow. 

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This species is naturally found around rocky & rubbly sea beds. A larger grade aragonite or coral sand with rubble scattered will provide ample opportunity to forage algae growing on the surface.

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Decorations for Fox Face Fish:

Provide lots of live rock, structure and rocky overhangs for plenty of territory to hide in, and surfaces for algae to grow for the Fox Face Fish to feed. Keep with soft coral with caution.

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