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Lees Kricket Keeper

Use as cricket carrier/habitat, it can house up to 150 medium crickets for a week or longer. The dark texture cylinders provide ideal place for crickets to hide.


  • Features black texturized cylinders that perform as combination refuge/dispenser tubes
  • All components are made of plastic and washable
  • Can use as a carrier or habitat


Cricket Care:

Crickets should be kept in a well-ventilated area at a temperature range between 70-75 degrees with low humidity. Keep out of direct sunlight and cold drafts. Keeper should be kept clean and dry. Premium Cricket food and water gel should be provided at all times. Both of which should be provided in the shallow food and water dishes provided. If water gel is not available a sponge may be used. Do not fill bowl with water since the crickets may drown.

Cleaning Instructions:

Crickets produce quite a bit of waste and so it is necessary to clean the unit after each use. Remove any deceased crickets, shed skin or waste and clean the entire unit with hot tap water. Never use soap or detergents since it may leave a residue that can be harmful or even deadly to the crickets.

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