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Penn-Plax Calci-Bone

A specialized product designed to provide essential calcium for the optimal shell development of your beloved turtles and tortoises. This carefully formulated supplement ensures that your shelled pets receive the necessary nutrients to support the growth and maintenance of their shells, promoting their overall health and well-being.


Features of Penn-Plax Calci-Bone:

  • Specially formulated supplement for turtles and tortoises.
  • Provides essential calcium for proper shell development.
  • Promotes strength, durability, and healthy growth of the shell.
  • Helps prevent shell deformities and deficiencies.
  • Contains a balanced blend of calcium and other essential minerals.
  • Optimized for optimal absorption and utilization.
  • Tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of turtles and tortoises.
  • Convenient format: available as bone-shaped tablets or powder.
  • Easy to incorporate into regular feeding routine.
  • Can be provided as a standalone treat or mixed with daily food.
  • Supports long-term health and vitality of your shelled pets.


Instructions for Use:

For Aquatic Turtles - Place Calci-Bone in water. It will float and turtles will eat as desired.

For Land Turtles & Tortoises - Place Calci-Bone in seperate feeding dish.

* Replace after consumed or if it begins to deteriorate.

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