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Penn-Plax Treasure Chest Aquarium Ornament, an extraordinary addition to your underwater realm. Crafted from durable polyresin and meticulously hand-painted, this extra-large treasure chest brings a touch of wonder and adventure to your aquarium. With its non-toxic composition and attention to detail, this ornament creates a safe and captivating environment for your aquatic pets.


Key Features:

  • Majestic and spacious: The Penn-Plax Treasure Chest Aquarium Ornament is extra-large in size, making it a prominent and eye-catching feature in your tank. Its grandeur adds a sense of intrigue and discovery to your aquatic landscape.

  • Meticulous hand painting: Each detail of this ornament is carefully hand-painted, ensuring a lifelike and captivating appearance. From the intricate patterns on the chest to the weathered and rustic textures, the craftsmanship truly brings the treasure chest to life.

  • Durable polyresin construction: Made from high-quality polyresin, this ornament is built to withstand the underwater environment. It is resistant to fading and damage, providing long-lasting enjoyment and beauty.

  • Non-toxic and safe: The Penn-Plax Treasure Chest Aquarium Ornament is designed with the well-being of your aquatic pets in mind. It is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of your fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

  • Versatile placement: This ornament can be positioned in various ways within your aquarium, allowing you to create different underwater scenes and focal points. Place it near aquatic plants or use it as a hiding spot for your fish, sparking their curiosity and providing a sense of shelter.

  • Creates a sense of adventure: The treasure chest design evokes a sense of excitement and adventure. It adds an element of fantasy to your aquarium, inviting both you and your aquatic pets to embark on an underwater journey filled with mystery and wonder.


Dimensions: 250 * 210 * 240 mm

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